What If Your Life Were a Movie?

I love Maria’s wisdom and take on life. I may be slightly biased as I got to spend some of my teen years with her daughter and nieces (all fabulous women), and know first-hand she’s pretty awesome, too. I follow her blog, and I loved her post titled:

What If Your Life Were a Movie? | Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen

If my life were a movie, I’d want it to look a whole lot more like the Gilmore Girls, with a dash of Friends, and a hint of Scandal. Hey, it’s my movie!

What would your movie(s) be? Comment below!

1 Comment

  1. This movie of your Life would sure be interesting and exciting! You’ve sprinkled in a flavour each of varied stuff, all of which will blend together to make a normal, happy, well-experienced person. I wish only the best for you!


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