Another Liebster Nomination!

Lordy, people, you’re making me blush! This one came from Amy at Shirley’s Heaven, and here are my answers to her questions.

  1. What is one lesson you’ve learned in life that you want to pass on to others? Forgiveness. Forgiving myself and forgiving others. It’s harder than it sounds. I’m still struggling with it, but it seems to be a key factor in recovery.
  2. How has blogging affected your daily life? I feel like I’m more observant, I’m discovering more, my world has opened & expanded!
  3. Where is your happy place? Anywhere that has good coffee, a comfortable seat & the possibility to read uninterrupted.
  4. Where is your least favourite place? My memory.
  5. Do you express anger inwardly or outwardly? I let people know calmly that I’m not happy with their behaviour. I don’t rage. Raging makes me ill.
  6. Do you prefer the mountains or ocean? Mountains by the ocean. Scotland, Iceland & Cape Town, South Africa.
  7. Do you learn by watching, listening, or doing? Watching & doing. YouTube revolutionised my life!
  8. What historical figure would you most want to talk to if you could go back in time? Jane Austen.
  9. Would you be better at doing a crossword puzzle or bowling? Crossword puzzle. Just the thought of all those sweaty shoes is enough to make me shudder. Repeatedly.
  10. What was the last movie you watched? Little Women, I think.
  11. Showers or baths? Showers. I’m too fidgety to sit around stewing myself.

My blog recommendations still stand from last week, and I’d like to add Crafting While Anxious and All Out of Ducks to the list.

Awesome followers & visitors, could you please leave me a comment with your recommendations? ❤

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