Mystery & Light

Sarah McLachlan’s song, Building a Mystery, has been playing in my head all day. I forgot how much I ❤ her, so I am glad that this assignment triggered that memory. It’s nice to have a positive trigger, for a change. I’ve been working through some incredibly negative triggers recently, so it’s good to have a happy memory brought to the surface.


Ribbons of pasta? Ruffled fondant icing? Tear in space?


Oh, sun, how I love you, but why you so cruel?

Light 3

Floating wall?

10 thoughts on “Mystery & Light

  1. angelaseager says:

    What an apt song and superb video…thanks for sharing!
    It made me think of a FaceTime call from my son in Thailand yesterday, whereby his face was in shadow…I even took a screen shot of it ‘cos I liked it so much. Not long til I see him on his return, then next month my daughter’s off to Oz….Hope all is well with you, take care.

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