Natural World & Leading Lines

London skyline

The London skyline, contained by verdant green hills. We were walking back down to Gospel Oak station after tea and a wander round Kenwood House.

Twin trees

Do these trees look like twins? Or dance partners?

Garden shot

Little flower (or weed?) daring to raise its hopes

8 thoughts on “Natural World & Leading Lines

  1. JoHanna Massey says:

    “The truth, The First Truth, Is probably that we are all connected. Watching one anotehr. Even the trees.” Arthur Miller

    Definitely dance partners.
    One day I was in a sweat weeding a sidewalk bordered flowerbed. A passerby came by and explained to me that I should just relax and enjoy what grew, as a weed is just a potential beautiful flower growing in what I believed was the wrong place. I’ve gotten so weed tolerant since then and had some gorgeous surprises.

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