The Best Low-Cost Workouts for the Gym-shy!

I loathe gyms. I loathe how I feel in gyms – like I’m lacking! I hate the sweaty, metallic smells, the weird bleached humidity of the changing rooms… all right, you get the picture. But the catch is that I know exercising can help anxiety and stress. Exercising DOES make me feel better, stronger and a little more in control of one more variable in my chaotic life. I find it good to refocus my mind and I use a long walk as a positive coping strategy, especially if I’m having a good chat with a friend.

Exercising releases endorphins which lead to feelings of positivity

The process of exercising gives me a clear focus for 20 or 30 minutes, and my other cares and worries take a back-seat temporarily. My personal favourites to date have been hot yoga and trail running; both force me to focus on the movements and my breathing, not allowing anything else to intrude. The strength and resilience I’ve achieved as a result of both of these have helped protect me from coughs & colds in the last year, as well as put my auto-immune condition into remission (in conjunction with some diet tweaks).

Exercising 30 minutes per day three times per week is a good start…

Since it’s feeling like spring in the air, and my favourite hot yoga studio has closed down, I’m researching alternatives. Bearing in mind I’m NOT going to a gym, I’m looking for a workout I can stream or follow on YouTube. I absolutely loved DailyHIIT (totally free!!) till I got over-enthusiastic and tore both hip flexors. So I’m looking for something a little slower, to aid the trail running. I miss my Salomon Speedcross trainers!!

MY Cheap & Cheerful Options

Booya Fitness

Start with a free month and it then costs $9.99/about £6 per month with no tie-in

  • High-definition videos from incredible boutique brands
  • All fitness genres from Barre to Bollywood to Bootcamp
  • All the radio music you love, customized to each workout
  • Instant, on-demand access on mobile, tablet, PC and TV
  • Personalized recommendations that don’t cost a fortune
  • Advice on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle from the experts


Stick with a free membership or pay $9/about £5.50 per month with no tie-in

Similar to Booya, however, this one lets you workout on-screen with a friend via a webcam. If you like having an accountability partner, this one’s for you. Free to sign up and access hundreds of workouts, with the option to upgrade to a pay-monthly membership.

Crunch Live

Start with 3 days free, then pay $9/about £5.50 per month 

Unlimited access to a growing library of 35+ online workouts, including yoga, pilates, cardio, hip-hop and strength training

  • New workouts added seasonally
  • 15 min “Quickies” if you’re in a time crunch or want to target specific areas 
  • Suggested and customizable workout plans
  • Ability to access to videos from your phone, iPad, laptop, desktop, or Smart TV via the mobile site


$12/£7.45 per month for all their HD workouts

The first contender to replace my hot yoga classes! Members of are served 5 new yoga classes a week and are awarded unlimited access to the entire online library. Udaya also offer primers on poses, so the risk of me injuring myself is reduced! 

I would love to know if you have tried any of these (pros & cons) or any other recommendations you have for cheap & cheerful on-the-go workouts – leave me a Reply below!

This information is current as of 8th March 2015, and was taken from each company’s website.

One thought on “The Best Low-Cost Workouts for the Gym-shy!

  1. jmurphynd says:

    I LOVE trail running! Right now, I run, swim, and do yoga and pilates. Oh, and I started a modern dance class (?!) Sounds weird but you work so hard. It’s very athletic and super fun!

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