Happy International Women’s Day

I’m sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee and some Custard Creams with my beautiful daughter, and we’re watching Little Women. It’s our way to celebrate the day!

For those of you that know my story, you know it hasn’t always been this easy or blissful. In fact, just yesterday she started the day feeling tired and hot. We carried on with planned activities (hers) and monitored her every hour, not the most relaxing. But it was made infinitely easier for the fact that I had my husband to share the load. 

So today, I’d like to acknowledge all the wonderful men who empower women, make them feel valued, treat them as equals, raise them to be strong, fight for their rights, celebrate their victories and generally try to right the imbalance. I ❤ you all. And to my wonderful girlfriends: may your cups runneth over with delicious cocktails, may your To-Do list magically shrink and may there be a nourishing meal prepared by someone else’s hands on your plate today.

And for some more fun ideas, here’s 10 GREAT Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day by Julie Ross Godar.

*Image from age.watamemo.com

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