That February holiday

I’ve been with Mr. Petal & Mortar for  almost 11 years now. Apart from the first year when we exchanged home-made gifts (because we were buying a house AND getting married), we haven’t really done the February 14th thing. He does really awesome stuff for me all year round, which I value far more than trinkets one day a year. In the same vein, my shopping is sort of an all-year hunt for novelty goodies, which I spring on him when he’s not expecting them. Here’s some of the fun stuff I’ve found, the photos link to the relevant websites:


Lights for all the bottles my husband collects


New photo display for holiday pictures

The Bubble

The Bubble from Grays & Feather is the world’s smallest bottle of sparkling wine – OK, this is for me!


Invented in the East End of London, a great gift for a chilli lover!

Bloom mojito

Mojito Matcha – tea with a kick!

macaron wreath

Macarons from Pierre Hermé, Ladurée or L´Orchidée…a Petal & Mortar staple!

But if you’re keen to go home-made & Valentine’sy, check out some fun ideas on my Pinterest board: That February holiday

Let loose here....

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