Coffee Craic

Craic: Irish word for fun/enjoyment that has been brought into the English language

I working from coffee shops. I’m addicted to coffee. And WiFi. My wonderful friend, Beth, sent me a link to Chris Ward’s London coffee map last year and I’ve tried to work my way through it (all in the name of research), in case a random tourist should stop me to ask if I know where they can get good coffee.

And while I was working my way through it, he has updated the coffee Tube map for 2015 and rolled out his latest offering…

Grounded contains everything overheard, read, seen or tweeted in a coffee shop that will help you rediscover the important things in life. It contains the wisdom of the biggest names, smartest thinkers and… a hundred coffee shop blackboards!

Available on Amazon & at these cafes & stores.

<- I have recently added this book to my wish list (it’s my birthday in a few months!). I’ve been told it’s ‘a global guide to the magic beans’. With rich photographs & informative text, it’s a great gift for a coffee-lover. Could you please tell my husband it’s available from Amazon or Book Depository, and available for my Kindle, too? 

And if you catch yourself looking around in a coffee shop, and wondering about the people around you, perhaps Spilling the Beans is for you! 

Only on Kindle at present, with the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity benefiting from the sales of this anthology.

And now since it’s a day ending in Y, I’m off to worship the bean! 

Let loose here....

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