Almost-New Year resolutions

I was so going to post yesterday. I really was! And then I got stuck into reading (decadence!) and researching and as my daughter succinctly put it, “Yeah, you got distracted and lost track of time.” Busted! (I didn’t add I was watching her Sea Monkeys get jiggy; I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a grandma soon!)

Anyway, back on track now….

I don’t really do resolutions. I do ideas of resolutions. It’s easier for me to stay focused on general concepts than one specific thing. It’s kind of how I cook, knit, craft…I’m always adapting (but I don’t mess with baking recipes). I’ve been inspired by all the great blog posts this month about resolutions, so here are some of my favourite ideas for this year….

Stick with the coaching: I’ve been working with the most amazing coach for the last 9 months. She’s made me dig deep & work through some really uncomfortable issues that I could easily have avoided for the next 20 years! But she’s also made me recognise my triggers, my values, my strengths. 

Catch up with friends & loved ones (face-to-face, if I can): we moved back to London almost 2 years ago, leaving behind good friends. Facebook & Twitter & emails help, but they’re not actual face time. My back-up plan is to send random I’m-thinking-of-you postcards because it gives me an excuse to indulge my stationery habit.

Use Yes & No with a bit more conviction: as a consultant who works on contract, turning down opportunities might mean that no one will ever ask me to do anything ever again! Ridiculous. Get ready to hear I’m-delighted-you-want-me-to-consult-but-I-am-fully-booked-until-(insert date)-Let’s-talk-again-then. Stretching myself thin just results in nasty panic attacks and a half-ar$ed job done. I will learn to say Yes to foods I haven’t tasted before, new coffee-shops, new sports…anything to step outside  the self-imposed barriers.

Look after my mind-body connection: about a year ago, my body actually quit on me. I wasn’t sleeping, I was in excruciating amounts of pain daily, I had a continuous case of hives…and that was the upside. I finally got medical help, and adjusted my diet, and the last year has been a revelation in healing. There was a minor setback (due to stresses over the last quarter of last year), but recognising my triggers and getting a handle on them went a long way to not hitting rock bottom again. I am done grimly tolerating my body; I need it to get me through the rest of the adventures life is going to throw my way, and I need to treat it the way I would want my daughter to treat hers. 

Have opposite days: this one comes from Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen. Basically, if you’re organised, have a messy day, or vice versa. If you are a primary caregiver, take a day out for you. I have to admit, the guilt of ‘abandoning’ my family for a few hours faded pretty quickly when I was tucking into a slice of cherry & almond cake and a new book – UNINTERRUPTED! 


  1. Very inspirational Vanessa! I really like your ideas of resolutions and will probably steal some of them 😉

    Good luck with this new project and let’s Skype soon!

    Hugs and lots of love,


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